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Application Cases

The powerful and easy-to-use RM smart electric cylinder is the ideal choice for companies to start automated production!

Application Industry

Application Scenarios





  • Inner diameter measurement

    In clamping mode,touch inner of the workpiece by gripper.Measure the inner diameter by dimensional tolerance judging.

  • Clamping test tubes

    In clamping mode,clamp the fragible workpiece by adjusting clamping force.Applied in test tube clamping,egg clamping,etc.

  • Workpiece feeding

    Utilizing characeristic of trend speed changing,perform stable and high speed workpiece clamping feeding.

  •  Workpiece press-in

    Pressing in workpiece by motion of absoluetly fixed positon and motion of rising and pushing.With the help of judging function,check if there any mistake to pressing in defective goods or any workpiece is stuck.Apply in pressing-in terminal of small type workpiece,operation of shell riveting,etc.

  • Workpiece position correction

    During the procedure of IC surface mounted, realized workpiece position correction during operations of pick and place.Two electric grippers are used for vertical and transverse corrections seperately.

  • Workpiece screening

    Screening of 2 types workpiece by size judgement(without chaging the program).It can be applied in workpieces screening of various type and small batch.

  • Operation of cap pressing

    Using push rod to realize cap pressing and riveting of pharmaceuticals.Taking advantage   of measurement function, check if there any mistake of protruding or cap misssing.

  • Automatic assembly dividing plate rotation

    Platform pattern push rod, gripper and rotating cylinder combine together as a high speed automatic assembly equipment.High precision positioning and force controlling are achieved according to route and force setting.

  • PCB(Printed circuit board) reversal operation

    The rotating cylinder turn on the vertical surface.It can set any speed freely, to stable the turning speed of workpiece.Intelligently control the trend speed changing,gently move the workpiece that unresistance to impact.

  • Identification of workpieces

    Insert the workpiece with clamping mode, dimensional tolerance judgement carry on.  Apply in preventing the reducing workpiece   from mixing,or defective product outflowing.

  • Measurement of outer diameter

    While shaping windpipe passing the monitor station,with the meausrment mode of electric gripper,data of outer diameter is read to upper monitor PC or PLC,dimensional tolerance judgement is automatically completed at the same time.

  • Workpiece inspection and sorting

    Dimensional tolerance classify is realized according to workpiece size measured by gripper,sorting the workpiece through RM    robot.

  • Workpiece cutting

    The workpiece is pushed into the cutting device by RM slider.Electric gripper is equipped with special blade and clamp, to cut workpiece.

  • Workpiece position correction

    Workpiece position correction is performed under the SMT process.Two RM electric push rod are used to correct the position in different directions seperately.

  • Region signal output

    When module motion is passing on the setting region, regional signal is output.It apply in coating of straight line simple solvent,and quantitative solvent.

  • Rotary transport of workpiece

    Fix the electric push rod to the electric rotary table,move the workpiece on conveyor belt back and forth, by rotary motion.

  • PCB inserts

    Electric sliding table,gripper and push rod combined together as robot.The gripper pick up the workpiece in different shape with its self adaptive clamp function.The slider press it into PCB board by servor pressure.

  • Cap clamping and rotating open

    Mini gripper,rotating cylinder and push rod combined together as three axis robot. The gripper clamp the bottle cap and twist it off rotatingly,the push rod raise slowly and uncap.