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Technology of precision flexible and tiny force controlling,as high as 0.01N,
enable robots to feel multiple forces!

What is precision force control" SoftForce"?

SoftForce is a flexible tiny force precision control technology which is researched and developed by RM company.It enable the RM-ROBOT electric cylinder as sensitive as human.It mainly apply in flexible machining.Once external force on the RM-ROBOT electric cylinder exceed preset value,it will immediately become flexible to protect the workpiece from being damaged.


Function of precision force control

  • Force sensing(0.1N accuracy)

    With the advantage ofSoftForcetechnology,RM electric cylinder can overcome the external force influence. Matching with RM software platform,user can monitor changes of external force influence to RM electric cylinder instantly(0.1N accuracy).

  • Constant force control

    With the  powerful function of force sensing,RM electric cylinder can keep a force output value stablely.It can help to improve the processing quality effectively,when applying in  polishling, spraying painting or press-fitting process.

  • Flexible force control

    In polishing, spraying and pressing processes, the use of powerful force sensing function, can make RM electric cylinder stable to maintain a force output, effectively improve the processing quality.

  • Low cost invest

    Just install the RM electric cylinder to the robot,it can realize the force control solution of robot,save the cost investing dramatically.

  • Simple and easy to use

    You can precisely control output force of RM-ROBOT electric cylinder,  just by type in the output force value simply.

  • Supporrt multiple RM-ROBOT electric cylinder models

    Function of SoftForcesupport optional matching to various RM electric cylinder model,to increase precision of force control functions.


Flexible and precisive micro force control below 1N

Choosing theSoftForcecan help to realize the implement scheme of flexible and precisive micro force control below 1N.Enable your robot be adaptive absorb automatically,moderating the impact of impulsive force.

Fast approach,pushing gently and flexiblely.

You can freely control the velocity curve of RM electric cylinder.Function of fast appproach can cut the work cycle of robot.Function of pushing gently and flexiblely can promote performance quality of the robot. These two combining functions can help to improve the working efficiency.

Force control accuracy 0.1N

Accuracy of SoftForceis 0.1N, you can choose the configuration with much higher accuracy ,according to your actual needs.

Suitable for multiple application of flexibility

With SoftForcetechnology,it can help you enjoy using the high precisive implement scheme,with low cost invest.It can apply in various field,such as polishing, electronic circuits,laboratories,biomechanics,etc.