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As the era of direct drive approaches, RM will show you the future

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2021-11-02 09:54:00



  Progress in the information age and iteration of technologies constantly promote development of the equipment manufacturing industry. The positioning of automatic control systems in the manufacturing market requires increasingly higher accuracy, making conventional "screw + servo" unable to meet the needs of the high-end assembly industry.

  Therefore, the linear motor came into being, and became an inevitable trend for the high-end assembly industry. It is able to directly drive the load, eliminate all mechanical transmission parts and drive without clearance. The main selling points of linear motors may include their simple structure, sensitive response, high accuracy, high speed and acceleration, which facilitate their wide application in the high-end assembly industry.


RM Linear Motor Driver

    RM takes the chance, vigorously encourages innovation, and launches a new RM linear motor driver series—linear motor and voice coil motor (VCM). Next, let’s learn more about our new products!

Linear Motor


• High acceleration, high response

• High accuracy

• No backlash, no wear

• Compact size, space-saving



1.Stroke extension:

The permanent magnets of linear motors are generally modular. Each module can be increased to any length depending on the required number. The stroke is thus extended.

2.Simple part integration:

Compared with rotating motors in mechanical transmission systems, linear motors require fewer parts.

3.High positioning accuracy:

The positioning accuracy of a linear motor is only limited by its feedback resolution, which is typically smaller than a micron level. Hence, positioning accuracy is high.

4.High speed, high acceleration and deceleration:

The linear motor actuator can directly convert electromagnetic force into linear motion, making it possible to exert high-speed performance even under a long stroke.


Voice Coil Motor (VCM)


• Zero hysteresis, direct drive, with no cogging effect

• High response, high accuracy

• Wear-free

• Low-speed, smooth motion based on ultra-high resolution



1.  Low inductance:

The VCM inductance and electrical constant are low enough to bring quick response speed.

2. Smooth motion:

VCMs have no mechanical braking resistance and no cogging effect, so they are suitable for high-precision, high and low-speed, smooth movement.

3. High reliability:

Thanks to the contactless condition between the coil and the VCM cores, there is no wear and tear during motion. The reliability of VCM is greatly improved.

4. High force linearity:

There is high linearity between VCM output force and current, so it is more suitable for precise force control conditions.


ROBUSTMOTION (RM) is a high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and sells intelligent, execution systems. Following the "direct drive" trend in the manufacturing industry, we independently develop linear motor drivers and voice coil motor (VCM) drivers. For these new products, force and position mixed control (force, position and speed) is added to directly drive the load with optimum accuracy and fastest speed. RM drivers permit high and low-speed, smooth motion with micron-level ultra-high positioning accuracy and repeatability. Unique high force linearity appears to be more suitable for precise force control conditions.

In conclusion, our self-developed RM linear motor driver and VCM is becoming the optimal, ideal product in the assembly manufacturing industry. RM motor drivers will meet all kinds of one-stop customization requirements depending on our customer's needs.


— New product Presentation —

Want to see a Portrait of an RM linear motor driver? RM will exhibit our RM linear motor driver at Booth C17, Hall 11 of electronica South China (Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center) from November 23 to 25. We look forward to your visit!